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Since its release in 1995, Parents Empowering Parents (PEP), now recognized as Empact Parenting, has touched and impacted thousands of families worldwide.

Receiving the news that your child has a special need or serious medical condition can be devastating for a parent. With over 25 years of experience, the Empact program’s tools and methodologies help parents be the best parents that they can be, especially in response to their child’s diagnosis and their circumstances.

Empact Parenting programs are uniquely designed –

  • To reduce the feeling of personal isolation by connecting and engaging parents with each other
  • To help parents recognize their parenting style and self-esteem and how these things impact the way that they parent
  • To teach effective tools that help parents empower their child to become an independent, capable, confident, productive adult
  • To create an outcomes-focused experience designed to improve the therapeutic relationship between parent, child and clinical staff

And, now, we are excited that Empact Parenting courses are available for parents via multiple formats – by themselves or with other parents, virtually or in-person.