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Become an Empact Facilitator

Empact Parenting is proud to have trained facilitators located all over the world.

Certified Empact Parenting facilitators are able to host Empact programs virtually and in-person at a local facility. Through these programs, facilitators are able to:

Address the unique needs of families that have children with serious medical diagnoses and conditions

Encourage parent personal awareness

Teach parenting attitudes, knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors

Improve family health, viability, engagement, and interaction

Network and connect parents; reduce isolation

Improve parent-child-clinical/treatment team relationships

Impact medical outcomes

Empact Parenting facilitators are required to complete the Empact Parenting Core training prior to initiating the Master-Level trainings for either the Empact Parenting of Infants and Young Children or Empact Parenting of Teens and Young Adults. During the training, trainees must pass with a 90% or better score on each module before they can proceed to the next module. Current trainings are available via the Empact Parenting Academy.