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    I have excuses for being donezo – the pandemic, having teenagers, work stress, and holiday season expectations.

    Legit reasons, right? But, the reality is that I haven’t been really good at setting boundaries – personal, professional, and emotional.

    I still get myself all worked up about other people’s “stuff.” I should know better. As we teach in our programs, if I don’t have the control or power to solve the problem, then I shouldn’t expend my personal energy on it. Duh.

    And, just because “I can” or “I could” do something doesn’t mean that I should. Duh, again.

    I am sure that there are other parents that can relate. Living life can be overwhelming.

    As we survive the next few weeks and the close of 2021, I am wishing that you do not experience donezo and that you are able to set your boundaries so that you find your serenity, balance, and joy.

    Warm regards,

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