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Program Topics and Tools

Empact Parenting programs are uniquely designed for parents with children with special needs or serious medical conditions. All of the topics and tools have been developed to be relevant and meaningful for these types of parents.

Empact Parenting Core topics and tools are –

I Am The Parent!
What is Parenting?
Parenting Styles
Parenting Job Description
Your ”new normal”
Dreams and Vision For Your Child
Entitlement vs Empowerment
Empowerment Timeline
Empowerment Assessment
Managing Undesired Behaviors
Rules of the Road
Assessment of Cause
Motivator Scale
3 Principles to Modify Behavior

Grandma’s Rule
50 Ways to Say Good Job
Feelings and Thoughts
Feeling Words
Self-Esteem as a Parent
Self-Esteem of Your Child
Solving Problems
Whose Problem Is It?
Plan B
I Message
Family Meeting
5-Point Plan
Accountability Timeline
Yarn Exercise

Empact Parenting Infants and Young Children topics and tools are –

Welcome to Holland
Child Development, 0-12 years old
Importance of Sleep
Stages of Grief
Power of Shoulds
Your Story

Empact ParentingTeens and Young Adults topics and tools are –

Transition Poem
Parenting of an Adolescent
Child Development, 12-25 years old
The Teen Brain
Importance of Sleep

Topics Unplugged –
Disrespectful Behavior
Teens and Their Friends
Social Media
Tattoos and Piercings
Sexual Relationships
Drugs and Alcohol
Medical Adherence and Compliance
Letting Go