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    Give Thanks, Or Not?

    I’ve heard that if you live your life “in gratitude,” then you respond to life in a more positive way and with joy. So, this fall I began a daily gratitude practice by trying to capture five of my gratitudes each morning. I want to have meaningful items listed each day and I rarely repeat my gratitudes. Maybe I expect too much from myself or am overthinking (which is pretty typical), but I find this ‘simple’ task to be very difficult. Yet, as I close out 2021, I am going to keep trying to live with gratitude and appreciation. I don’t know if I can keep up with daily lists, but am sure going to try to pause and appreciate things as they are happening throughout the day.

    I challenge you to do the same. And, if you already have your gratitude practice, I’d love to learn more about your process and how it is influencing your life.

    Warm regards,

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