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Pen to paper – the power of journaling

    Journaling is so powerful. If you’ve ever done one of our Empact Parenting/PEP programs and you’ve experienced writing your My Story or used the hot-pen method. You can appreciate and understand the value of journaling.

    Journaling allows us to channel our thoughts through pens, keyboards, or with other stuff to capture our unencumbered truths about our lives. It allows us to shift our mind into a creative zone. The process of journaling leads to our own insights about who we are and why we do what we do. And, when we allow ourselves to pause our lives and journal, we give ourselves dedicated moments to work through our problems and celebrate our victories and successes.

    Don’t let a blank piece of paper scare you away from the wonderfulness of journaling. Use some of the following resources to kick-start your journaling habit.

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