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Send your kids to camp!

    Camps give kids their own space to try things that they’ve never done before and experience many of their ‘firsts.’

    Camp Bold Eagle, the camp for my patients with bleeding disorders, is where I saw many kids infuse their factor for the first time. Words are not sufficient to describe the pride in those faces when they realized that they could do something for themself and be in control of their own bodies.

    It may be scary to consider sending your kids to camp, but there are specialized camps with structure and medical support for your kids (and your family).

    Camps exist for kids with Type 1 Diabetes, or bleeding disorders, or cancer. There are camps for kids that are wheel-chair bound or for kids that require electronic and mechanical devices to communicate.

    This newsletter just highlights a few and links/resources that I was able to locate. Do the research, find a camp, consult with your clinical/medical team, and drop your kids off at the camp for an awesome experience. And, don’t be surprised if it is life-changing for you too.

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