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Stress and Anxiety

    Today, we are constantly being bombarded with bad news and traumatic events from all around the world. And, these past few years have been doozies.
    And, it just doesn’t seem to stop. It is so hard to keep moving forward when I hear about deaths due to COVID, or because of conflicts initiated by aggressors towards Syria and Ukraine, or because of senseless school shootings like the one that just happened in Texas.
    My thoughts and concerns keep me up at night and distract me through the day. I am anxious and worry about my family, my friends, and myself. I often find myself unable to manage MY life because my time is focused on thinking about “what the hecks?” and “what can I do about this? (if anything).” 

    Do I have anxiety? Should I get some help? What can I do?
    If you are experiencing the same types of things as I am, seek out help and support through your family and friends and maybe even schedule a therapy session! You are not alone! 

    Finally, I hope that everyone stays safe and gets the chance to hug their loved ones tonight.

    Warm regards,

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