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mental health

Stress and Anxiety

    Today, we are constantly being bombarded with bad news and traumatic events from all around the world. And, these past few years have been doozies. And, it just doesn’t seem to stop. It is so hard to keep moving forward when I hear about deaths due… Read More »Stress and Anxiety


      Ha ha ha! No matter what’s coming for us this year or managing through any of the challenges that you endure as a parent of a child with a special need or diagnosis, find ways to just laugh. What? Yes, laugh. Even in the toughest… Read More »Laugh!


        I have excuses for being donezo – the pandemic, having teenagers, work stress, and holiday season expectations. Legit reasons, right? But, the reality is that I haven’t been really good at setting boundaries – personal, professional, and emotional. I still get myself all worked up… Read More »Donezo.


          Give Thanks, Or Not? I’ve heard that if you live your life “in gratitude,” then you respond to life in a more positive way and with joy. So, this fall I began a daily gratitude practice by trying to capture five of my gratitudes each… Read More »Gratitude