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What does it mean to be neurodivergent?

    Do you think differently than others? Do you feel like you are weird or that you don’t fit in? Do you spend a lot of your energy masking to make other people comfortable around you? 

    If so, you may be neurodiverse and your brain may be neurodivergent.

    Many people have known since they were children that they were different but are still struggling to fit in and feel accepted for who they are. When they finally seek out help, they may learn that they have autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, or Tourette’s.

    They talk about feeling a wave of relief when they learned of their diagnosis; everything finally made sense as they recognized and accepted their quirks and differences. Plus, they finally have access to services and resources to help them become the best possible version of themself.

    I hope that the following articles and videos about neurodiversity are helpful. 

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